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We focus experience and expertise on all aspects of the Identity Verification Process. We have an extensive background in:


ID Enrollment Process

Security & Access Control 

Credential design

Issuance process


In the chain of life the links are records of events, milestones, activities, and when/where they occur. The quality, security and verifiability of information generated at those points in history is essential to the strength of the lock tying these links together.

Identity verification is the process of proving that the chain of life has no broken links. A secure identity credential is confirmation that the chain has been verified.

The identity verification process usually starts in the present and works backwards in time. Therefore, it is often carried out only to the point in time where there is presumed to be sufficient proof based on the evidence presented. The dilemma is that often the credentials and other information used in the process lack in one or more of the essential factors needed to have confidence in the result.


Document Authentication

Biometric Solutions

“Watch List” Matching

Forensic Analysis of Documents


We can help you meet your identification solution goals. We understand all potential components of identification systems ranging from small stand-alone badging stations to national ID systems with millions of citizens, huge data/image bases, multiple biometrics, smart cards and e-Passport issuance, and thousands of linked inspection, verification, and enrollment locations.

If needed, we will call upon the world’s best system integrator’s to provide technical assistance, logistics, financial strength, and local presence. 

Fraud-Free IDentity Solutions
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