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Fraud-Free IDentity Solutions

A Passion To Protect

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About Us

Identity Fraud is an activity that allows many other crimes to be committed.It is critical that those charged with protecting the public be passionate about doing all that they can to detect and follow up on any attempts at ID Fraud. These attempts (successful or not) are a potential enabling precursors to activities that may result in incredible human suffering, death, huge financial losses, and the loss of a sense of security that impacts everyone.


Fraud-Free Identity Solutions (FFIDS) focuses experience and expertise on all aspects of the identity verification process.  We have an extensive background in

·Document Fraud Detection

·The Enrollment Process

·Identity Verification

·The Issuance Process

·Forensic Document Analysis

·Counterfeit Detection

·Credential Design

·Biometric Solutions

Company History
Fraud-Free Identity Solutions was founded in September 2009 by a group of senior experts in the security industry. The mission is to use our experience and passion for implementing or improving the systems that will improve our quality of life by providing a more secure environment.
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