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Background of Principals

Bruce Monk is a recognized security industry expert and has been awarded a number of patents related to identity verifi­cation technology. He has more than 35 years of senior management level experience in operations, engineering, mar­keting and sales in the high technology field. Mr. Monk was a founder of AssureTec Systems (fully automatic ID reading and authentication systems), Imaging Automa­tion (developers of the first document reader/authenticator, now a part of L1-Identity Solutions) and Chorus Data Systems (one of the earliest suppliers of video digitizers for the PC). Prior to this, he held management, de­velopment, engineering, marketing and sales positions with Analogic, Sanders Associates and Hewlett Packard. Most recently with AssureTec Systems, he served as President, Director and CTO where he led efforts to develop the company's leadership position in versatile imaging-based docu­ment authentication devices and systems. Mr. Monk has given numerous presentations at industry and government conferences and has authored a number of white papers in the area of authentication, forensic security, credentialing, and identity verification. He was among the founding members of the Document Security Alliance and has participated in the ANSI workshop for an Identity Verification Standard. Mr. Monk is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Resume

Theodore Kuklinski, Ph.D. has over 40 years of experience in image processing, pattern recognition, barcode, and OCR technologies. He was a founder and Director of Research at AssureTec (Manchester, NH) developing their automatic reading and authentication systems for drivers licenses and passports. He was a principal of Recognitive Sciences, Inc., a development and consulting firm in the area of OCR, ICR, and barcode recognition solutions. Dr. Kuklinski’s projects included work for such technology organizations as Imaging Automation (INSPass, Passport readers, barcode systems), AT&T Bell Labs, American Express, CitiCorp, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.He was a founder of Pencept and developer of the Penpad, one of the earliest tablet based handprint recognition systems.Dr. Kuklinski holds three patents, has authored numerous technical articles, and has been researcher on a number of federally funded studies with Meeks Associates (Lincoln, MA). Heholds a a B.S. in Electrical Engineering with highest honors from Drexel University’s co-op program where he held engineering positions at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard’s Electrical Design Divisionand at the Advanced Technology Laboratories (pattern and speech recognition) of RCA Corporation .His doctorate is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


David Myers is the Retired Chief of Law Enforcement of the Alcohol and Tobacco enforcement agency for the State of Florida. He is a 30 year Law Enforcement veteran, with 20 years of document security and forensic analysis experience. Mr. Myers is currently the Special Agent in Charge of the Forensic Laboratory Services of the Florida Lottery, where he is involved in criminal fraud, alteration and counterfeiting issues. He is also deeply involved in the design and testing of high value lottery instruments. Myers is known nationally for his work as Supervisor of the Identification anti-counterfeiting unit, which involved hundreds of arrest and assisting agencies worldwide. He has been awarded both state and National law enforcement officer of the year. Myers has testified before the US Congress and trained thousands of Federal Agents, Military Intelligence Officers, State Police, Local Law Enforcement and DMV staff from all 50 states and Canada. Myers’ has been asked to review thousands of Passport, Military, International and state identification. He has been involved in the design of many state drivers license, Military ID and Passports throughout the world. Myers is considered an expert in high security printing, advanced security features and anti-counterfeiting techniques. His designs and input are used in the creation of new technology to prevent fraud. David Myers has been used as an advisor of all National news organizations along as many around the world. He maintains his own advanced forensic lab to study counterfeit documents.